Hey, you guys! I have a full body circuit for you to do today,and it's only in 18 minutes.

Let's go! All right.

You are going to set your timers for 18 rounds,10 seconds of rest and 50 seconds of work.

You're only going to need one thing todayand that is going to be a bench, or a box.

I'm going to use this little platform hereto do box jumps on.

So make sure what you have is sturdy and safe.

Exercise number one, you're going to do pendulum.

So your body is going to look like this.

Hands on the ground.

Instead of a pushup opposition you're goingto step your feet forward and your legs are going to be straight.

You're going to start with one foot on theground, one foot out, and you're going to switch.

That's exercise number one.

Number two: we're going to do box jumps.

You're going to stand on your box, swing,go into a squat, and you're going to swing your arms, and I want you to stay in a squat.

Back down into a squat.

Every time you land from a box jump, makesure you're landing softly on the balls of your feet into a squat.

So I want it to look like this.

Otherwise, if you slam onto your feet you'regoing to actually do some damage to your joints.

So I want you to be careful.

Number three: you're going to do a pushupwith a knee tuck, and shoulder taps.

So from pushup position you're going to godown into a pushup, you're going to get up, double knee tuck.

Looks tough, but give it a try because it'snot as hard as you think.

Just think about being quick.

So you want to drive, and put your feet rightback.

If that's too hard for you to do, then justjump your feet forward, and back, and two shoulder taps.

So it looks like this.

That's exercise number three.

Number four: we're going back to those boxjumps.

These are going to be – this box is goingto be the bane of your existence for this workout.

It's really, really tough.

I added a ton of box jumps in there becauseit's not only for cardio, but we're hitting the legs as well.

The other exercises that I have for you aretargeting your shoulders and your abs.

So number three is going to be – excuseme.

Number four is going to be box jumps.

Number five is going to be a leg drop andreach.

So on your back.

You want your legs up in the air, you're goingto drop them down, back up at the top, and reach up, touch your toes.

Now, if you're going all the way down, great.

If you need to, rest at the bottom, bringthem back up, and then reach for your toes, and drop.

You can keep your shoulders slightly off theground, and don't put your feet down on the ground.

That is number five.

And number six: box jumps.

We do a lot of box jumps today, okay? If for some reason they become too hard andtoo tiring, then what I want you to do is grab your jump rope, and you can throw inthe jump rope, and you can do every other box jump.

Do a box jump, and then when it says "boxjumps" again, grab your jump rope and do jump rope, okay? Awesome job.

It's going to be a tough one.

Good job, you guys.

I hope you enjoyed that workout.

In only 18 minutes you guys have targetedyour entire body.

Full body circuit.

Awesome job.

I am Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXX for Women,and I will see you guys next time.


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