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In this video we have Juan Ruiz, Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport, owner of the best personal training center of Madrid, that bears his name, very good John.


First of all it is best to undergo a medical examination stress test, directed by sports doctors so, to rule out any injury or pathology especially heart that endanger our health by training.

Just in case your health is adequate you'll do what I explain below.

Normally when we want to lose fat cardio use medium or low intensity and long duration, ie as running for 30 or 40 minutes at a moderate intensity to hold as long as possible.

Well, these workouts They have many advantages but also many disadvantages to consider like the following: you ask then, what to do? The answer is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) ie high intensity interval training.

It is a workout in which intersperse short periods of high intensity exercise with periods of active, equal to or greater over time break, not to exceed 20 total minutes of training.

An example would be to sprint to the maximum a few seconds, rest and repeat walking on.

Many scientific studies show the benefits of this training on moderate intensity and long life.

Some advantages are: There are many ways to do this training.

These are the indications for Juan Ruiz Airdyne: It is the best system to perform HIIT As we know, the more muscle mass involved, the greater metabolic impact calories, etc.

thus allowing us to use the hands and legs, the muscles involved, will be very high.

Last but not least its resistance mechanism consists of a fan which makes it impossible to get inertia.

And to increase the intensity we have to increase the effort.

SKIPPING: we must consider the impact of and adapt to it.

To control this we will consider the intensity at low, medium and high rates.

This is a very functional gesture with great transfer to the race.

AGILITY LADDER: Although there are truly complex armies in which if you do not master the technique You can not achieve a high intensity, There are many other exercises very simple and almost anyone is capable to coordinate a little the practice.

It is a very useful tool to improve coordination agility and work movements in various directions.

ROPE BATTLE: The main problem is in some cases the rope may be heavy to reach people profiles with a state so low, something you can solve by buying less heavy ropes.

We must also bear in mind that in people with hypertension intense exercise exclusively arms causes a greater increase in systolic blood pressure.

SLIDE BOARD: although it is a movement that It requires a minimum of heat it is not It is very difficult to also purchased its versatility can adapt distances, shortening them, so that if you do not have a force enough to move from side to side can increase the intensity decreasing the distance.

STEP: We can also do it with a simple STEP.

Its low impact and easy implementation make it a great choice.

We must differentiate with HIPT HIIT (High Intensity Training Power) Since they are two different concepts.

Since in the latter mode armies of force they are used with weights or autocargas as squats, pushups, swing, etc.

The problem is that exercises HIPT having to be performed at a high speed and keep all the duration of the training time, They are extremely difficult with the technique fully strict, so that may increase the risk of injury.

If you look, this is the methodology by which is guided Crossfit and they perform HIIT at the end of their training, making it clear that both methodologies are different.

It goes without saying that all this is more effective it must be combined with healthy nutrition, but all this talk in the next video, DO NOT MISS.

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