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Psíquico – Distração [Prod. Pedro Hiit]

Life is hard, art is culture! A house can not stand upright without body! Disturbing thoughts, distractibility waste of time departs but of reason and progress in the inert state WHAT do not know, hide the truth the bad influence takes possession and evil makes puppet Caves support, apegação materials hibernating in the illusion, spiritual…


Todo Sobre HIIT – Quema Más Grasa

In this video we have Juan Ruiz, Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport, owner of the best personal training center of Madrid, that bears his name, very good John. Good. First of all it is best to undergo a medical examination stress test, directed by sports doctors so, to rule out any injury…


50+ Ways to lose weight – part 1

Easy Ways to lose weight – part 1 The process of losing weight is not all about having special diet and eats healthy food. There are someother facts did can influence positive on losing weight easy and fast. 1. Cleaning your closet is one of those things did are not connected with food, but still…

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