Metodologia d’entrenament HIIT/Metodología de entrenamiento HIIT | Fitnessalut Rendiment

Here we present a series of exercises HIIT using a method of high intensity training with the goal of losing fat or adipose tissue.

It is very important that before starting an exercise protocol make an additional physical examination and patient history.

Before you start training, it is very important we do it under the supervision a fitness coach or personal trainer.

We individualize exercises depending on our goals and physical condition.

As adapted from the work occurs in the patient we will increase the intensity level neuromuscular and cardiovascular until the training HIIT or high intensity.

It is very important paper having a trainer as it has to monitor the external load to establish proper progression.

Therefore we ask the question: What is better, aeoróbico or HIIT work? If the patient has a good physical condition, HIIT since a fat intake occurs within 48 hours after exercise.

Instead, with aerobic work only this fat burning occurs during exercise.

This whole process of training, It must be combined with a balanced diet.

Highlighting the importance, when performing this type of work, global or multi-joint exercises where there is a presence of two or more muscle groups in the exercise.

Therefore, the analytical exercise does not guarantee the loss of localized fat like wear strips, etc.

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