Losing Weight After 40: Is It Harder?

hi everybody it's Liz from Malta backagain and this video is my update on my weightloss he saying the same weights truths yeah I can honestly say that they suffer most definitely kids my site especially microsite the sweet things because I am a peak basically don't get to be thewhite guy and without eating okay it's a mess it's plain and simple but was sweetthings I am terrible especially week before my PH every monthI am just I'm one stop and this time honesty he came without even me realize itbecause I wasn't craving chocolate now that is on hold until believe you made possible within an hourhe would vastly for me because when on c1 I will betexting in it may be stated that de Mayo live Ithink you what he is just chocolate maybe not 0 here we go kill is coming and this time nothing absolutely nothing honestly I haven't hands so clear inweeks and I haven't wanted any which is such a%uh that's got to be a plus come on because them the someone like me me he does not thisweek things biscuits cakes whatever if and tactically has to be a good thing if you're not want to eat them time my overall with a appetite has been a lotless but I'm gonna be completely honest with you people inside that and not Iknow that for a fact that I was halftime bets of has not been consuming so manyhidden calories 18 alcohol I'm sorry I have to eat 2p.


no on lists a I'm not drunk or anythinglike that go for a bit but I do like to change in it some time ago I'm not morehave fun pi is a barbecues my mom was he the twoweeks a little guy now for meals have Yann stuff we give stageand I've definitely drunk a lot more in the last few weeks and Iwould generally silo I've been concealed capital calories then I actually conduct or so why haven't beenovereating the fact I've been I'll be drinking hasdefinitely makes difference how much weight I couldbe lost without a doubt I oh so hands and a week little over a weekactually laughed at my back out and I wasn't even my father just couldn't be so I wasn't being moved around exerciseor anything so really for the say days I've beentrying Justin might pass I'm actually quitepleased I A minus the least you know four kilos not posted thepictures my delightful scales so you can see but I'mactually quite substitute that because Sam like this Iam in a startup that with this week was ASI 8:30 I was full of good intentionsbut you know moments I know it's go out for dinnertonight in the other bottle of wine with a meal women have a Lihue or something like that I'm havinga lot more carries the woods generally just phase and it's you knowyou have a phase I was being careful with the feeding of time in two monthsstraight so with that's how I know only timebetter with these hennepin turnkey some ass had a setback I am going to continuewith them my so I'm perry did databases finished andI have bought some more because I think you've got nothing tolose but wait nearly because then I even that expensive tobuy me they BTR pretty cheap and this shit Worldwide's Imean it I think for me personally and not okayand I speak for myself than anyone else this season and this labor for myselfI've noticed a difference and its for the price that I O and thefact that there is no side effects they have to be there and it so I feelbecause I'm trying to let I stays I'm not tonight the side effects todaythis there's nothing its justice herbal you put it on your own home yield chestarea it you know it's hidden no one needs toknow that you wearing no way gotta hit me is that simple sign on this ticket then I know we'll beposting some future updates just to keep you live for me is because i me too I do its aims to least this way now I'm how to save me whenever it doesn'tmatter how long may it didn't go on overnight is not gonna come ofovernights so I'm in it for the long haul box I'mdefinitely any get face more time and send I would recommend anyoneactually if you do you have white today's whetherit be just small amount or United lot more might like I haveplanned a white Soleil's I think they're a brilliant way just sawand let's face it appetite is one of thefirst things you know that me take on that you have to get on toconsole when you're on a diet cell and that works for me made it workfor you maybe nightline but they it won't breakyour bank to try them sign given the go and Sam I will let you know how I'm gettingowned ok still keep it in my video I stillkeep him away in this not send I'm really pleased with theresults so far and because the back I'm gonna keep andside thanks for watching check out thewebsite say wait that's dot com heads and civic we're seeing lasyone against a I.

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