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♪ music ♪[Barbara Hannah Gufferman] Whether you're trying to lose5 pounds or 50, I'll show you what to eatand when to help you shedthat weight and keep it off.

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[The Best of Everythingwith Barbara Hannah Grufferman] Health experts may not agreeon how to lose the weight, but they do agree onthis one thing, when you go on a diet,you are doomed to fail [95% of People Who Go on a DietRegain the Weight Within 5 Years] because diets don't work.

[repeated in onscreen text] In fact, we have less than10% chance of succeeding.

And very often when we losethe weight, we often gain it back.

[108 Million—Number of PeopleWho Are on a Diet Now in the US] And this kind of yo-yo dieting can wreak havoc with ourmetabolism and bodies.

[5—Number of Times a TypicalAmerican Tries to Diet Each Year] It makes it harder and harder tolose weight in the long run.

Not Good! I gainedalmost 15 pounds when I turned 50a few years ago, but then I took control,and I interviewed some of the best experts in thiscountry and followed their plan [85% of People on a DietAre Women] And I'm thrilled to share with youeverything I learned.

No magic here—to lose weightwe need to eat less.

[Eat Less.

Reduce Portion Size] Keep physically active tohelp keep the weight off.

[Move More.

Do it Regularly.

] This plan calls for eating every[Don't Starve] few hours so you don't get hungry.

[Improve Energy Level.

Prevents Muscle Loss] Steer clear of processed foods[Choose Wisely] that are high in fat, salt, and sugar.

[repeated in onscreen text] Your grandmother was right—the best way to start your day[Make Breakfast your New BFF] is with a healthy breakfast.

[Make Lean Protein Part ofYour Breakfast] Drinking lots of water is essentialand it keeps hunger away.

[Drink 8 Cups a Day] Studies show that peoplewho keep a journal[Write it Down] lose more weight thanthose who don't.

[Write Before you Bite] We're not counting calorieswith this plan, but we are keeping tabson portion size.

[repeated in onscreen text] So, for example,one serving of fish —always a great choice— is the size of my whole hand.

[repeated in onscreen text] But for chicken and beef,you want to go a little smaller and that will be the size of my palm.

[repeated in onscreen text] When planning your meals,you want to think like this—[Meal Planning] vegetables, grains, beans,proteins.

In that order! Okay! Are you ready to feelhealthier, better, lighter,[repeated in onscreen text] starting right now? Let's go! Start your day with somehealthy carbs and protein.

[Breakfast] Have one slice of whole wheat toast[repeated in onscreen text] or brown rice cakewith a little bit of nut butter.

A cup of coffee or two is great, but steer clear ofartificial sweeteners if you can.

Think about having one or two eggsscrambled or as an omelet,[repeated in onscreen text] mixed with some dark, leafy greenslike cooked kale or spinach.

Having some of this will stop your[Mid-Morning Snack] blood sugar levelfrom dipping.

Have a half cup of fat freeplain Greek yogurt[repeated in onscreen text] or some cottage cheese mixedwith a half cup of blueberries.

It's a superfood.

[Mid-Morning Snack] Try to get a lot of vegetables,a little protein,[Lunch] and a small amount of carbsinto this meal.

[repeated in onscreen text] A really good option is a salad[Salad] made with chicken,mixed vegetables, and beans[repeated in onscreen text] or a bowl of cooked,dark, leafy greens mixed with a half cupof brown rice and a half cupof beans.

This essential pick-me-up[Afternoon Snack] will keep you from crashing Have a piece of fruitor a serving of nuts—[repeated in onscreen text] around ten almonds is a serving.

Or try some carrots with hummus,or some other healthy dip.

Refresh yourself withwater or green tea, but steer clear of sodaor coffee.

Start every dinner—whether eating in or out— with a big, green saladfilled with dark, leafy greens,[repeated in onscreen text] mixed with a little olive oiland lemon juice or vinegar.

And eat a small amount of protein and a healthy carb like ahalf sweet potato, or a healthy grainlike a half cup of brown rice or some quinoa.

[repeated in onscreen text] Make sure you havemostly vegetables on your plate—that's key.

If you're skippinganimal protein, double up on yourhealthy grain.

And a few nights a week,consider having a glass of heart healthy red wine,but still drink a lot of water.

If you're trying to lose weight,[Dessert] skip dessert altogether—as hard as that is— but if you need a little somethingto satisfy that sweet tooth, try an ounce of dark chocolateor a piece of fruit.

[repeated in onscreen text] Here's a good tip—keep a little baggie filled with small piecesof dark chocolate so you're not temptedto eat an entire bar.

So, does it work?[$40 Billion—AmountSpent on Losing Weight] Well, 7 years later,I'm still on the plan and I've kept theweight off.

Dieting never worked for me,but eating well does.

Until next time remember this, we can't control getting older,but we can control how we do it.





It's that easy to live yourbest life after 50.

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