Hiit workout Jour 9/9 débutant

Hi to you who are looking to beef up you body weight and have a healthy diet.

And here we are in the ninth Workout! We arrived at the end of Workout I offered you to make an introduction the high intensity interval training.

If you followed all the drives, you really have to have progressed since this now been three weeks since you're doing a high intensity interval training and knows that there is a true change in metabolic level, after three weeks with three workouts of high intensity interval training per week.

Today, for the ninth workout, let's do something pretty cool.

I'm on an old disused tennis course and I like the atmosphere, I think it's pretty cool.

I am especially quiet.

We were well heated, we drank well, we pushed the cardio as usual and it was stretched all the joints of the body dynamics.

Let's go ! So much for this workout, you walk a little after to circulate the blood, I going to get my water bottle.

That's what it takes for this workout, you do it thoroughly: 100%.

I have a little spoke during the workout making it, I could not really focus on my breathing but that tape still here.

You should know that this will really work the quadriceps if you do good.

Before you finish the first round, you will have already thighs that will burn.

always think not to touch the knee, have the back straight: security during Workouts! Today, I thank you for going to these 9 workouts.

I hope it will have pleased you.

I repeat again that I gave a sample of what we can do but there are plenty of other things of course.

The times will change since there we made relatively short durations.

But in my opinion, at the abs and other muscles after sessions the next day you had to have body aches because we really worked in depth.

Here, once again thank you for arriving at the end.

Hiit bio will continue and gain momentum, obviously I will re-propose things later.

Do not hesitate to ask around you, to distribute it on your networks, to Liking when you find my videos on YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook of course.

I say to you very soon, based thee, be strong, do not stop, continuing the Hiit and follow me.

See you soon ! Enjoy !!.

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