Hiit workout Jour 7/9 débutant

Hi to you who are looking to beef up you body weight and have a healthy diet.

On this seventh workout, we can start to send.

You have to start to get used to all the years and all the high technical intensity interval training.

Today we will integrate a new exercise: the Pistols.

As I say in the demo on the Pistols, it is an exercise which is quite difficult.

It is difficult enough but there are variations.

Obviously if we not keep the foot in the air, we can slightly ask the front.

I'll explain it in a future video.

Today, this seventh workout will be constituted by an inverted pyramid in three rounds Today we have something quite difficult that will work in strength but also cardio.

As usual, I warmed up for a little more than 10 minutes, I knew what would be the exercises so I made some Pistols, some Lunges, some Burpees and I brought up the cardio.

I drank water as and as I was sweating and I cardio is enough mounted since j 'was around 130 beats.

There I went back down to 90 because I get off the pressure.

This workout we will do intensive, thoroughly.

We will head towards the 90 to 100% of our ability.

As usual I'll talk a little bit during the video so I will not be the to completely thoroughly.

But you do to stop! We started this workout is going to be pretty intense.

OK, 168 pulses it is 35 ° C, it shakes.

Especially after that, you walk a little, you do not stop suddenly, you do evacuate a little lactic acid.

But obviously we'll have to drink a lot.

That's it, I just go down in my stable area, my cruising area, I was put at around 150-155 pulses for my cruising area.

For me ! for you it will be different.

Here which is very important, we have to stretch well as it should.

We worked the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, with lunges.

It was a great exercise cardio strength, cardio strench as you want.

So much for this workout.

I came to my senses.

So do it right if you do not get to do the Pistols, ask.

You've seen a few times, I put the heel; with fatigue, it is less clear.

Until then.


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