Easy HIIT workout with modifications

Hey Guys! So normally I come here on a Tuesday and Ido a Tabata Tuesday, but today is the first day of my November HIIT challenge, so I thoughI would come and show you what we're doing.

Its not to late to join.

This is the moves that we're doing today andyou'll see that you could totally do it.

The exercise I'm going to show you is 1 roundhowever many rounds you do is the level that you do.

You could do this 15 rounds and get a goo30 minute HIIT workout in.

A HIIT workout is High Intensity IntervalTraining where you do an interval of exercises for a certain amount of time and then havea rest.

You go at your highest intensity to reallylike kick the fat in the booty.

Or the calories or whatever.

And get a good workout in a short amount oftime I've done 5 rounds already and I'm already sweating.

I have a movie on for my son, he's right overhere, so if you hear Toy Story in the background, that's why.

I tried to pause it but he was not havingit.

Today we're doing, let me know in the commentsif you want in to the challenge.

We started today, so its not too late, tellyour friends, this can be a great addition to a workout program you're already doing.

I'm adding this onto my Piyo.

Or this can be a jumpstart into a fitnessroutine.

And in the group, there's some really coolpeople in there that are, ya know some people are adding it on and some people, this istheir jumpstart, so there are all levels in the group so we want you to come in and feelwelcome.

So today we're doing 20 seconds high knees,20 seconds squats, and 20 seconds burpees.

We do that for, that's a minute, then youget a minute break.

During the minute break, you can just kindof like jog, or bounce around, don't just stand there.

So I'm going to show you the moves, and you'llsee you can do this, so let me know and I'll add you in.

So here we go! So I have my timer, I better time this.

Oh and, before we start I was going to tellyou, when I do this, I'm going to do.

There's a way to modify.

Like it this is just a little too intensefor you right away, I'm going to do the 1st 10 seconds regular and the last 10 secondsI'll do the modified version.

If you want something a little less intenseor less impact.

So, here we go! Get my timer ready! Ok, so first we do high knees.

Get your knees up as high as you can guys.

All the way up to your hips.

Ok, if you need to modify, march but go asfast as you can, keep going at a good pace.

Squats, no break, just keep going.

Shoot your butt back, keep your knee overyour ankles.

Modify, just don't go as low.

But really squeeze at the top.

Ok, burpees! Here's a full on burpee.

Modified would be just step back and stepin instead of jumping back.

Ok, we did it! So it would be 1 minute, then you would restfor a minute.

Jog around a little bit.

And then you can just kinda do as many asyou want, 5 round would be 10 minutes, 10 rounds I don't know, I lost track.

You get the idea, you can make this into a1/2 hour workout if you want.

Simple moves, basic, there's always a wayto modify.

What do you think? Are you in? Let me know if you do this I can add you intothe group and then you can click your done, cause accountability you guys is Magic! You have some where you can check in everyday and people are rooting for you like I'm rooting for you makes a huge difference inyour success.

There's no reason that you need to be on thisjourney alone.

I'm here for you.

Hi Colleen! I was just ending, I'm out of breath.

Well you guys, let me know if you want into the challenge, Its totally, I mean, its totally free I mean, I'm there supportingyou every day.

I give you the daily workouts.

Just jump in and do it and let me know thatyou did it! Awesome you guys! There's comes Louis! Ok guys, I hope your having a great Tuesday,I hope that you had a good Halloween and that you're not bloated from candy and stuff.

I had a little candy, I mean, come on, yougotta live a little right? Awesome you guys, have a good Tuesday, I'llsee you tomorrow! Bye! Bye! Say, bye, look in the camera and say bye.

Say bye.

He's like just look at my cute face.

Bye guys!.

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