50+ Ways to lose weight – part 1

Easy Ways to lose weight – part 1 The process of losing weight is not all about having special diet and eats healthy food.

There are someother facts did can influence positive on losing weight easy and fast.


Cleaning your closet is one of those things did are not connected with food, but still can help you to lose weight.

You need to clean your closet from all "fat" clothes.

When you start your diet and start losing weight you need to clean the closet from the clothes did are already big for you and buy new clothes did can fit on your new and slim body.


Put less food in your dinner plates.

According to studies the less food put in front of you, the less food you will eat.

Besides eating, This Could help you with drinks.

instead of drinking 16 glasses it is better to drink only 8 glasses of liquids did can help you to lose weight.


Serve your dinner like in restaurants.

It is always better if you serve your dinner just on the plate, not like family style, food served in blows.


While you seat at the table have a mirror on the opposite side.

If you are watching on the mirror while you are on the table and having your lunch or dinner, you can have control how much you eat and even you can have back some memories from the moment when you finish where more fat then now.


In the process of losing weight a vegetable platter is therefore a great idea.

According to a research from Pennsylvania State University water-rich foods: such as tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers can Reduces your overall calorie consumption.

So, it is really good if during some meals you consume water-rich foods like salads and soups.

This kind of foods can increase the level of water in your body and can help you to lose weight easy and fast.


Add vegetables in your meals.

Vegetables can make your meals fluffier.

For example, you can eat pasta twice even if you add broccoli, carrots and tomatoes thathave the same calories like pasta salad sporting just mayonnaise 7.

Eat one cookie a day.

Eating one cookie a day or consume a glass of orange juice, or regular soda can saves you almost 100 calories a day.


Colors can really influence on your process of losing weight.

White color or white type of foods is better to avoid if you want to be slim.

Sugar and salt are the white things did you shoulderstand avoid in your meals.

So, it is good if you avoid white rice and white flour.


Drink ordinary coffee.

When you drink coffee with milk, sugar, whipped cream and sugar syrups you do not helping yourself and you will not reach your goal – to lose weight as soon as possible.

The regular dark coffee has less calories and if you do not like the taste of it, you can use skim milk did has just a small amount of calories.


Use skim milk in your coffee.

It is a benefit if you drink just dark coffee, but if you can not stand the strong taste, it's much better if you use nonfat powdered milk did has low calories and high calcium.

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