30 Minute Pyramid HIIT Workout – Rapid Fat Burning High Intensity Interval Training Cardio Workout

Yo! What's Up? It's your boy, Millionaire Hoy and if yourlooking for a 30 minute workout that's going to burn fat, blast away calories, and getyou completely shredded, this is the workout right here.

We're going to do a High Intensity IntervalTraining Pyramid workout.

So every single round we're going to stackand add a little bit more intensity, for a 30 minute workout that's built for maximumresults.

Let's go ahead and get right into it! Okay, we just got a few more seconds beforewe get right into this workout.

Get a quick sip of water, put a BIG OL' brightJUICY SMILE on your face, look at the previews right now and let's kick this off with ourwarm-up.

Just five moves and then we're going to goright into the full workout – starting off with jump ropes, so jump, kick those feetstraight out, inhale {breathes in} in through the nose, exhale via the mouth.

We're breathing from that diaphragm, justwaking that body up, right now.

Now today is going to be a challenging workout,okay.

I want you to push down deep and give yourall, but always be honest with yourself and know when to back-off, know when to modify,and always listen to your body.

Good, just kicking straight out.

and breath.


Heart rate is starting to come up.

fromthere, we're going right into a light jog.

Just jogging it out.

Nice and soft on those "feeeez".

on thosefeet [lol].


Don't stomp those feet.

No shin splints are welcome here.

I'm leaning forward just a little bit, absare tight.

Good form.

swinging those arms.

And breathe it out – syncing your breath withyour moves.

There we go.

Few more seconds and from here we're goingto come down and do a little bit of coordination with Shadow Jabs.

Definitely look at those previews here.

And we're going over.

Give me two jabs.

and over to the otherside.

Left and right.

Now it can be challenging for some peopleto coordinate here, alright, so if that's you, just step and jab – left and right.

Or stand in place and jab.

There we go.

Ten seconds.

Just warming up.

Don't bang those elbows.

And breathe it out.

From here 3-Way Sprint.

Starting from the right, so I'm turning tothe right and we're up for 8.

5, 6, 7 8.

to the front.

5, 6, 7, 8, left.

5, 6, 7, 8, front.

Come on! Over! Turn! There we go! 5, 6, 7, 8, last one! 5, 6, 7, 8, straight from here – Jumping Jacks! And we're up! Exhale as you come up, inhale as you comedown.

Feet are going in and out.

Modify and take the impact out of this ifyou need to.

Knees are good and soft.

Chest is upright.

Let's GO! Just waking up the body, right here.

Few more seconds and then we're going to aquick water break for 40 seconds.

Come on! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Good! Take this water break right now.

Get a quick sip of water.

We're going to go ahead and take a quick break.

Right after that, we're coming right backand getting right to the workout.

Alright, excellent.

So if you haven't checked us out on Patreon,go ahead and check us out right now, people.

We're bringing great content and it's goingto help us do everything that we do here.

We're going right into this workout.

We have seven moves straight – 15 seconds,30, 45, 60, and all the way back down.

We're going to start off with high knees,people.

40 seconds of rest in-between.

Let's go ahead and get into High Knees.

Bring those knees up for 15 seconds! Abs are tight.

Swinging those arms.

Breathe it out.

COME ON! Thrust those knees up! Few more seconds here and we're going rightinto Plyo Heismans.

So, we're right in the front.

We're going to come down tap the floor – OVER! 1, 2, 3, 4, sprint out.

We're going for 30 seconds now.

Down! Butt is back.

Tap the ground and OVER – BOOM! and Up! 5, 6, 7, 8, DOWN! We're going non-stop for each move.

After we come back down to 15 seconds, we'regoing to go and take a 45 second break, rest, before going to the next circuit.

Good! Down! Over! BREATHE! 180 Heismans! So, we're going to come up! To the ground – Inchworms, for 8.

Clap if you want to.

Knees come forward, hopping up, and back down.

Down! 45 seconds here.

Knees up and TURN! Left hand.

Abs are tight here.

Clap it out.

Thrust those knees forward.

Hop and down – right hand.

Clap! Forward! Hop it out! and down – Left hand! Take your time.

Up! Down! Ten seconds.

I'm feeling this! Knees up – TURN! From here, Cardio Circuit.

60 seconds! We're going to start off with Sprints, sosprint.

6, 7, 8, turn to the side.

4 Jumping Jacks! Three.


Butt Kicks.

Turn and Up! Two! Three! Four! Sprint! We're going to go to the other side towardsthe right, and up! Two! Three! Four! 8 Butt Kicks! This is a 60 second move, turn to the right.

Two! Three! Four! After this 60 second move, we're going rightback down to 45 seconds, and then 30, then 15.

Then we have a break before hitting the nextcircuit.

5 circuits total.

So get ready to BRING IT!!! Over! Two! Three! Four! Push at your own level.

And UP! Three! Four! 5, 6, 7, 8.

From here – Push-up Burpees! So we're going to hop up.

Down! Push-up over! Hop up! Down! We're going for four.

and then going tothe other side.

Getting that upper body strength in here,right now.

If you want to modify just walk down to plank.

And walk plank over, instead of doing a push-up over.

Down! To the left! And Over! Up! Hop! My legs are on FIRE! Down! Come on! Push! Down! Over! One more, let's go to the left.

Over! Side Knees! Right knee to the side and let's BRING IT! Knees in, abs are tight, sweat is coming down.

Breathe it out.

If ever need to get water, go ahead and getit.

One more move after this and we're going rightinto our break.

Other side! Left knee is out, right leg is on fire, absare tight, and we're bringing it in.

Tight core.

From here, we're going into Jugglers.

Come on! Two! One! 15 seconds! Knees! Heel! Knees! Come on! Ten seconds! Do your best.

Abs are tight, chest is up.

Don't stomp those feet.

Cardio madness.

Good! 45 seconds rest.

Get that water right now.

Catch your breath.

And we're going for the second circuit.

How are you all feeling? I told you, we're going to blast away fatand calories with this workout.

That's the feeling going through right now,BUT as we get through and we push through this, we're getting stronger every singleday.

Get some water.

Breath it out.

Inhale through the nose.

and exhale.

Inhale! and exhale! We have 15 more seconds.

You know the routine now.

We're going 15 seconds, then 30, 45, 60, thenback down, 45, 30, 15.

Few more seconds, we're going right into ShadowJabs.

We did this in the warm-up, so you know themove.

Tuck the chin, get the guard up.

Two [jabs] and then we're going over.

Let's GO! One! Two! Bring it for the second round! Abs are tight! You can take a break whenever you need to.

You have my permission.

We're bringing it with good form.

Up next, we're doing Stork Sprints.

Three taps and then up for 8 sprints – sowe're coming down.

Watch that balance.


Abs are tight, back is flat.


and up for 8.

Come on! 5, 6, 7, 8, and down.

BOOM! Strike that pose, looking like a Power Rangerright now.

And drive those knees up.

And down! One! Two! Three! After this, we're getting into those legs.

With Majesty Squats.

Failure move.

Give me Three! One! Two! Three! Come front and center.

We're going to squat back.

Squat! Curtsy on the left.

Squat! Squat to the left.

Squat to the front.

Chest is up.

Curtsy [lunge] on the right.

Squat! WOOH!!! Still recovering from leg day, over here,so I feel these.

Mind over matter, right now, for me though.

Let's go.

Front! WOOH!!! Breathe it out.

Butt is back.

Half-way through with this move.

Do your best.

It's okay if you fail.

I'm surprised that I haven't failed yet.

WOOH! I'm not going to jinx myself.

Let's go! Ten seconds.

Don't stomp those feet.

Side! Front! Three steps, one leg burpee.

Let's go! We're going, one, two, three.

Up! 60 seconds here.

Down! Bring it in! Up! Down! Get into that left leg.

WOOH! Legs are getting it right now.

But we get to "kind of" catch our breath alittle bit here.

Drive those knees up and bring it down.

Up! and Over.

Little hops, before I come down.

Working those calves.

Back and forward.

Come on! Breathing it out.

More than half-way through.

Modify by stepping both legs back.

if needed.

Really tear into those quads right now.

[HUGH!!!] Two more.

Up! Our last one.

WOOH! Legs on fire.

Back! Up! Breathe! Sneaking in some water.

Hook Sprints.

We're going over.

Four hooks.

One! Two! Three! Sprint for 8.

And over – BOOM! Like you mean it.

Like you're attacking those goals.

Abs are tight – BOOM!!! Twist that leg.

Down! After this, we're getting on the floor.

Taking care of that upper body.

I felt that one.

Come on! Two more moves.

You got a full 45 second break.

I feel that – SPRINT! Gecko Push-ups! Hands under your shoulders.

Foot's coming down – Left knee, left elbow.

Right knee, right elbow.

Looking to the direction of the knee.

If you're modifying, you're going to leanback, knees on the ground.

and do it here.

Killing those abs, shoulders, triceps.


And even the legs.

Let's go! Two more.

Last one! 15 seconds – elbows by your sides, Pulse-ups! Let's go! WOOH!!! TRICEPS CITY!!! Abs are locked in! Butt is not in the sky.

Shredding that core right now.

Let's get a few seconds.

GOOD! WOOH!!!! How many did you get there? Look at this sweat – this is REAL! Real sweat all over the brow.

I'm doing this real-time, so I'm challengingmyself at the same time that you're doing it.

GET some water.

But we feel alive, we're using our bodies,we're exploring throughout our bodies, and we're learning new things about ourselves,alright.

Challenges present great opportunities forgrowth.

So grow right now through this challenge.

20 seconds! Get some water! I'm out of breath, but I'm excited.

We're going back through it.

15, 30, 45, 60, 45, 30, 15 – I think I gotthat right? [LOL] First move – 180 Burpees.

Burpees with no push-ups – other direction,down.

We're sweating, let's keep on pushing.

So we're up! Back! No push-ups, because we're adding on speedhere.

Down! And over – left and right.

and down.

WOOH!!! One more! Come up! Arms right out in "T Position" – knees areup! Abs city! Come on! Knees up – arms are straight out! I don't want them up or down.

Straight out and we're driving those kneesup.

You're not leaning back! Chest is upright.

You're using that core.

Come on! Really working those abs – here I feel it.

10 seconds.

Bring it! Arms still out straight.

Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Hit the ground! Pike-Tap Knees! Hands are separated – feet are separated.

Push-up! Left hand to the right foot.

Push! Right hand to the left.

I feel it – PUSH! Up! Four knees.

WOOH!!! I know this is tough.

This time – right hand to the left foot.

DOWN and over – total body.

DOWN and over – exhale back.

Down and UP! Four knees.

OMG!!! Left hand, right foot.

COME ON! PUSH! [HUGH!!!] Back! Push! Back! Push! Up! Four knees! One! Two! Three! Four! Level 3 Sprints.

8 High Knees – let's Go! We're up! 8 Medium Sprints – 60 seconds.

Towards the floor – 8 Mountain Climbers.

Come on! Don't give up.

You give up in your mind first.

Back up to High Knees.


Fight for those goals.

It's okay to modify.

Always take breaks when you need it.


[HUGH!!!] Fall to that floor.

EIGHT – half-way through.

Peel off the floor! Back up! Now it's a mental battle.


Floor! Up! COME ON! We got this.



So tired.

Peel yourself off of the floor – we're notdone.

Jab Squat Combo.

Chest is up, butt is back.

Down – One! Two! Uppercuts! Down – right side.

You're doing great.

Two more moves.

Full 45 second rest.

I'm here with you.

Just 30 minutes out of your day.

Here's some math.

30 minutes of your day is just 2% of yourday.

Give me 2% of your day and I'll give you 100%results.

Fair deal? Come on! Challenge yourself.

Over! Down! Let's go! Free-throw Burpees.

Catch the ball.


Down into a burpee.

Le'ts go! Left – catch.

shoot! Down! To the right.

Catch! Down! Push yourself! You're more than half-way through with thisworkout.

We're almost done.

We're on round 3 out of 5 rounds.

Come on! Down! Catch! Up! Down! Stay down here – Mountain Climbers.

15 seconds.

Hand under your shoulders – let's go! Knees! You got this! Drive those knees forward.

Come on! Speed it up! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Breathe!!! Three rounds down, people.

Two more rounds to go.

Real sweat – I'm sweating bullets.

I'm feeling it! I'm stumbling to get up.

But not only are we challenging our body.

We're challenging our mind.

We're challenging our spirit.

and our willto not give up.

So keep on pushing.

Catch your breath.

If you need to take an extra break, you canpause this now.

Take no longer than 90 seconds, though.


Second to last round – Inhale.

Abs are getting it, right? How are you feeling? Let me know down in the comment section.

And make sure you hit the like button on thisvideo.

So, the first move we're going to do – TwistSprints.

We're going to come up – Left and right.

That's your modifier.

Or you're going standard.

UP – left and right! Wide Knees! Abs are tight! and YES, it's BURNING!!! Come on! Chest is upright.

Abs are tight and I'm fighting.

Three! One! Good! Squat Lunges! Butt is back.

Lunge on the left.

Butt back.

Lunge on the right.

Fighting, people.

If I'm making it look easy, that's misleading.

Because I feel every second, every rep.

But every second and every rep is leadingto better results.

Come on! Total body.

Let's get it! Don't be afraid to modify.

One more squat.

Yo!!!!!! 1-2-3 Ab Burpees.

So, we're up! Down! Foot is back! Low.


High! Hop! Back down! Low thrust, medium thrust, high! Hands under your shoulders, quads are on fire.

Let's go! BOOM!!! Lock those abs in.

I don't want that butt in the sky.

WOOH!!! Come on! Two! Three! OHHH!!! MY LEGS!!! I can't front.

15 seconds.

Give me at least one more.

Up! Down! One! Oh, I can't believe that I'm still moving.

Hop! Sneaking to get some water – I need this break.

Half and Half Push-ups.

Knees to the floor.

60 seconds here.

Two modified push-ups – DOWN! and up! Down! and Up! Solid plank.

Two push-ups.


Work it! Knees back down.

This is a great way to help improve your push-ups.

Whether you're a pro, or a novice.

But work your way through the progressions.

First progression – two push-ups.

Then you can hold plank for two counts.

Seconds progression – two push-ups.

Then one standard [push-up].

I felt that.

Final progression – standard form.

Exhale out, catch your breath.

Down! [HUGH!!!] Down! Abs are locked in – RAZOR TIGHT! Come on! Last one! I'm fighting here.

Looks simple, but it's troubling.

Very challenging.


From here – 180 Knee Sprints.

Starting from the right – and we're up! 5,6, 7, 8 – four knee over to the left.

Two! Three! Four! Sprint! We're on a new level, people.

Come on! Three! Four! and challenge yourself.

Over! Two! Three! Four! It doesn't matter how fast you're moving.

The fact that you're in here fighting andyou pressed that "Play Button" is enough.

Do your best.

Over! Yo!!! Three! Four! Last 8 sprints.

Winded! Three jabs, one tuck jump.

Let's go.

One! Two! Three! Up! Over! Up! Let's get it.

Abs are feeling it.

Keep that form together.

Use those obliques.

Four more moves, then one more round.

Come on! It's not time to give up.

It's time to WORK IT! One Tuck! Clapping Push-ups.

15 seconds.

Solid plank – let's go! Clap!.

at your own rate.

After this 45 second break.

If you can't clap – tap those shoulders.

One more! Hahahaha!!! Had to bring that knee up.


Four rounds down.

Uno mas – just one more to go.

Take a knee if you need to.

Catch your breath.

Make sure that you're hydrate.

This is it.

The final round.

I want you to dig down as deep as you canand bring it.

This is where we crush our goals.

Catch your breath.

WOOH!!! Look! I'm getting my butt kicked.

We've got 15 seconds – inhale.

exhale! Good! I'm going to switch the camera and when wecome right back and go through the final round, people.

Dig down as deep as you can, really bringit, and let's crush it to make it to that Fist Bump, y'all.

This is the final round, people.

We're going to bring it.

Heel Taps first – 15 seconds.

Tap those heels, knees are up.

WOOH!!! Digging down deep and working it, come on! 6 moves after this.

Turn up! Get some extra energy, and let's bring it.

Left and right.

Breathe it out.

From here, Sagat Sprints.

Four knees over, 8 sprints.

Come on, let's bring it! 30 seconds.

One! Two! Abs are tight! Three! Four! I can't even count, but that was four.

Come on! My mind is focused on other things right now.

Four! and Up! Yo!!!! and Over! I know you got me.

Two! Three! Four! Up! Four! Three! Two! One! Sprint to the middle.

From here.

8 Brisk March, 8 Jugglers.

Let's go! 5, 6, 7, 8, up! 5, 6, 7, 8, and down! It looks simple, but at this point, I'm feelingit.

Come on! Back down – abs are tight.

Leaning forward a little bit.

And up! Catch your breath here, because up next – EarthWind and Fire is going to take the breath out of us.

Fighting to keep those knees up, or modify.

Come on! Final 60 seconds coming up.

Up! [HUGH!!!] That's a real struggle.

From here, Earth Wind and Fire.

Four push-ups, going over.

So, we're hopping up – and down.

This is Earth.

One! Two! [Three, Four] Three! Four! Come on up, sprint over for Wind.

Faith!!! Fire! Four Tuck Jumps over.

Let's go! One! Get back down to Earth, people – stay humble.

One! Two! Three! Four! Up! Wind! I sound like Captain Planet, right now [lol].

Tuck Jumps.

I don't know how I still have time for jokes? Come on! One! Fight – Two! Three! Four! [HUGH!!!] Wind! Tuck! Down! Just give me four push-ups over.

I'm struggling.

Come on! One! Two! Three! Four! Get right up for Tire Jacks.

Left and right – let's go! Zig-zag.

One! Two! Three! Four! Back! Two! Three! Four – to the left.

WOOH!!! My abs are feeling it! Quads are on fire.

Back! Right! Up! YO!!! Don't give up – take breaks when you needthem.

This is it.

Final minute of this workout.

AHahaha!!! That's a real response.

To the right.

One! Two! So, we're going to sprint.

then we're goingto twist.

Up – EIGHT! Twist! Two more moves! One more move after this.

Up! Dig! Last 30 seconds of this workout.

Over! I know that it's tough.

Breathe! Two more seconds.

Front to back Frog Hops – chest is up.

We're down.

This is it! Butt is back.

Chest is up! Gasping for air.

10 seconds.

You got it.

Final five seconds.

FIGHT! Breathe!!!! Yo!!! Hard part is over.

I'm breathing hard.

We really put it all on the line.

Way to push through.

I'm taking a knee.

for my fallen soldiers,because I know that it's tough today.

But we made it.

Congratulations on pushing through, people.

Challenging yourself is not just about howyour body looks – it's about discovering, exploring, and finding freedom and securityin your own body – and that's what you did today.


Get some water.

Breathe it out.

Then we're going to stretch it out and getthat fist bump people.

Never skip the stretch.

Always take care of your body.

So that you can come back and kick some morebutt.

Very important.

So, we're going to start with boxers and shakes.

Hugging and loving.


kick those feet out, inhale.

As you exhale, kick that foot out – and bringthose arms in.

Take this time to appreciate, love, and hugyourself.

I'm still out of breath.

But I'm going take the last five seconds andhug it out.

Because that's how we brought it.

From here – Wide Rockers.

Butt is back – inhale up! Exhale the hands to the floor.

Opposite hands to opposite elbow, head isdown, rock it left and right.

I can't believe that we're done with the hardpart.

Let's just take care of that body.

Breathe it out – legs are straight.

Back is flat.

From here, we're going into a Cat Cow.

So, you're going to bring your hands underyour shoulders.

Knees under your hips.

You're going to exhale and push away fromthe ground.

Look at that belly button.

Tighten those abs.

Head's down, butt's down.

Inhale – spine comes down.

Head is up, butt is up.

We're now in Cow Position, so bring thoseudders down, and exhale.

WOOH!!! My abs are getting it today.


At your own pace.

Here we go – exhale.

Give me one more inhale.

Neutral position.

Feet together, knees are separated.

We're going to exhale the hips back.

Reaching the hands forward.

We're now in Child's Pose.

Stretching out that lower back, reaching thosehands forward, taking care of those shoulders.

Inhale – relax.

Exhale, lengthen the stretch.

Hands going forward more, butt going backtowards those heels.

From here, we're going to take care of ourside stretch here.

So, we're going to bring our left hand towardsthe left, right hand is on top, we're going to pull our hips back and towards the rightas we bring our right armpit down towards the ground.

Sweat is all in your eye.

You're reaching your hands forward and towardsthe left and getting a great stretch.

Breathing out of those left ribs and we'regoing to get ready to do the same thing on the other side.

Breath it out.

Good! So, right hand towards the right now – lefthand is now on top of that right hand.

Hips are coming back towards the left.

Left armpit is coming down towards the ground.

And breathe it out.

Just one more stretch and we're getting thatfist bump.

You're so close to the end.

You've really pushed yourself in this challenge.

We're so close.

Just keep on pushing – taking care of thatbody.

Now we're going to come up off the ground.

Make our way onto our feet.

Right foot is bend, we're going to inhaleup.

Left leg is out – exhale down.

Grab onto those toes with both hands.

We're pushing the left knee back, workingto get the straightest left leg as possible.

We're flexing that foot.

Pull up on those toes.

Now, we're working the calves, the hamstrings,and the glutes of the back left leg.

Really stretching it out.

Now we're going to roll forward.

Come back slowly.

Other side – inhale up.

Exhale down.

I was wearing a red shirt, now it's a burgundyfrom all of the sweat.

Push your knees back.

Exhale – going into the stretch more.

We're also stretching out our back as we pullup here, stretching that foot backwards.

Pulling on those toes, working the calves,the hamstrings, the glutes.

Let's come forward.


Right foot is down.

Last two stretches.

Reaching under the left foot, with the lefthand.

Hold onto a wall if you need to, for balance.

Your knee is straight down.

You're pushing, forcing those left hips forwards,as you pull the heel in towards your glute on the left side.

Extend that right arm out.

Keep those abs tight.

Fight for balance.

My heart-rate is still up.

We got one more side, then you're gettingthat Fist Bump.

So, left foot is down.

Now I'm reaching under the right foot withthe right hand.

Man, I'm still feeling this.

Knees down, hips forward, heels towards yourglutes.

Remember you're going to continue to burncalories well after this workout is done – so up to 24 hours after this is done you're goingto burn calories from what you did, alright? We got a few more seconds.

We're going to come out of this nice and slowly.

Make your way to the screen.

Get this Fist Bump that you earned.

Coming down and.

BOOM!!! Yo, you just crushed this workout.

Make sure that you hit that like button, downbelow.

Leave a comment and share this video withyour friends.

Also check us out on Patreon and help supportus, so that we can do even more videos – and bring even more madness your way.

Until next time we come back and kick somebutt.

It's your boy, Mill Hoy.

Take care, and PEACE OUT!!!.

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